Our service at GearProd

Our Studio also works as a service to contribute to the development of other projects.

We offer various services related to the development of video games.

A shared experience

Echo Squad is a very ambitious project combining video game development and engineering.

With this experience, our team is able to manage complex and varied environments.

We work on any type of project: Mobile Games, Web App, VR Games…

Our work is managed efficiently and transparently, making it easy to integrate into your projects.

Contact us to assess your project needs together!

Our skills

Game Design

  • Game concept
  • User research
  • Prototyping
  • Level Design
  • PlayTest management
  • Documentation

Unity Engineering

  • Renderer Pipeline Optimization
  • Cinematic Tools
  • Advanced scene management
  • Unity tool development
  • MultiPlayer Management
  • VR and Mobile Programming

Game Development

  • Algorithmic Optimization
  • AI Programming
  • Pathfinding
  • Character / Camera / Control
  • UI Programming
  • ESC Programming

Project Producing

  • Planning & Producing
  • Agile / Scrum methodology
  • QA management
  • Knowledge management
  • Resource optimization

 Software Engineering

  • Embedded Software
  • DLL & Service Development
  • Exotic controllers
  • Remote data management
  • Software architecture

Before GEARPROD, we worked on