What we offer


Our primary objective is to instantly immerse players in the heart of our world and bring them on hectic adventures. As soon as the experience has started, the participants forget about routine life and are projected into a wonderful elsewhere that they will be able to explore and which has many fantastic surprises in store for them.



Harnessing the power of a video game engine, Echo Squad products put gamers in control of their adventure beyond anything available on the market today. Each experience is therefore unique, which reinforces the feelings of accomplishment and maximizes the enjoyment of the participants.



At the crossroads of IT, electronics, video games and set design, our teams combine their talents to design innovative experiences. In the end, the complexity of this know-how fades to become a powerful tool at the service of an accessible general public experience.


Video Game

The use of a video game engine puts us at the forefront of what is possible in terms of interaction.
Thus, we put our expertise in the field of video games at the service of adventures in which the participants are the leading roles.
“ A video game engine provides tremendous possibilities of creation and staging  that we put to the service of the user experience “ – Julien, CTO

HW / SW Interface

We have developed unique proprietary technology that connects a video game with virtually any physical device.
This allows us to create living, fun, interactive and realistic spaces.
“We put a lot of effort into providing an interface that is as robust for operators as it is invisible for players” – Gilles, CEO


Our artists express their creativity to create immersive play spaces that magnify the players experience.
These decorations of exceptional quality immediately immerse participants in a living and concrete world.
“An extraordinary opportunity for the public to touch a setting worthy of the cinema” – Ariel, Decorator


Coming from very different and complementary professional backgrounds, the three founders have in common that they are specialists in immersive collective experiences.
GearProd is their way of taking the general public to the worlds and adventures they create.

Gilles Raymond

CEO, software and hardware Engineer

Adrien Vert

Creative director and Game designer

Philippe Blandin

CFO, Commercial Director


The entire team consists of ten people: video game development experts, electronic engineers, artists, decorators and marketers.
All our staff is highly motivated to offer the general public absolutely unique immersive experiences.